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5 Reasons to Choose Grahams' OEM certified auto body shop for your collision repair?


1. The OEM certification Programs are thorough:

The certification programs come in a range of complexity from a simple  “Pay a fee and buy our parts, and you are certified” to more stringent programs such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz where equipment and on site training are required.

In some cases, the industry standard certification and training body I-CAR Gold can qualify a shop that has completed coursework.

2. OEM training is expensive

The average cost of a four-day factory certification can cost a shop upwards of $10-20,000 and  some training programs last two weeks, so those technicians aren’t even in the building to work on customer cars.  If a shop is dedicated enough to get their technician’s factory certified, you can bet that this is a shop which does not cut corners.

3. Specialized Tools

Specialized tools often are required to become a certified facility as well as being necessary to fix your car. Therefore, the shop as well as the employees must pass certain criteria. Some of this tooling can cost a shop over $250,000 or more. Different cars require special jigging in order to replace parts such as frame rails, where tolerances have to be exact. If your shop doesn’t have these, they are likely going to rig something up to get the job done, but minus the precision from the specialized tooling.

4. OEM Training can require on-site visits from the Manufacturer.

Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Fiat have a rigorous certification program that requires an on-site, in-depth inspection.  What better way to know that the manufacturer approves of the shop you have chosen then to know that site visits were required for certification?

5. OEM certification requires re-certification.

Shops must stay up to date, and must apply for re-certification. When you are searching a shop online, check with them to see if they are STILL certified for your manufacturer. Just because they were when they built the website, does not guarantee that they still are today. The same goes for the certifications hanging on the wall. Do your due diligence and double check.

To make your job easier in checking for certifications for your car and your preferred shop, I have included a list of manufacturer certification links here. Some have a finder tool to locate a certified shop, others just have info on the program or a dealer locator.

Also, our site, Autobody-review has a very handy certifications feature. We have a special tab on the shop profile which shows all the certifications each shop has whether it is a manufacturer certification, or a general I-car training certification.

Here is a screen shot of how to find that.


You can also search for shops and reviews by vehicle type on our site using this handy tool here:

5 Reasons

Click Image Above to visit our Review Site on AutoBody-Review

So if you are here right now because you are looking for an auto body shop, don’t assume that every shop can fix every brand of car properly.  Most people just worry about the quality of the work, the paint, the turn around time and the communication. But now an extra important step you need to do is consider whether the shop has the correct certifications.

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