5 Amazing VW Conversions You Won’t Believe. Including Tanks, Missiles & Music!


What Zombie Apocalypse? That’s what you’ll be saying if you owned this totally freaking awesome bug out bug tank. Yes! It’s a tank!

Bug Out Bug Tank

Bug Out Bug Tank – Aka. “The Frog”
Image: Atomictoasters

Here’s another one. WITH MISSLES! ? I think this one is more ready for the impending apocalypse.

Volkswagon Bug Tank

Volkswagen Bug Tank
Source: Jalopnik

Here’s a Volkswagen bus tank. With TUNES! Cause you gotta have tunes.

VW Bus Tank

VW Bus Tank that converts into a DJ stage.
Image: WeLoveVW


The schwimmvagen was a sub-product of the legendary Volkswagen beetle conversion into mass production for the Wehrmacht, under the name “K�belwagen”, litteraly, “bucket-car”. A new model was studied by Erwin Komenda, car body designer of Ferdinand Porsche, in 1940, to provide an amphibious car.
Image: Tanks-Encyclopedia

VW Hot Rod. Not off grid, but COOL!

VW Hot Rod

VW Hot Rod
Image: VWTrendsWeb

Just in case the tanks don’t work when the SHTF, at least you can haul ass in style.

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