Is Volkswagen planning a 2015 Microbus?

VW Van

VW Van

Don’t believe everything you see on the web. Volkswagen is not poised to introduce a new version of its legendary microbus.

A spate of rumors and even a set of photos sprang up on the Internet this week, featuring stats, specs and details on the 2015 version of the German automakers leisure ride.

The website We Are Surfers said the new vehicle would be available with both four- and five-cylinder engines, and even had the MSRP ($25,000) and showroom date (early 2015).

This joins an earlier series of stories, including one in AutoWeek from May of this year, saying the vehicle known around the world as the Kombi, and in England as the Camper, was on its way back, though perhaps not for several more years.

A 2010 Car and Driver story said the van would be unveiled in 2013, and go into production in 2014.

But Volkswagen says there’s no such vehicle.

“This rumor has been floating around the Internet for a while and it just isn’t true,” said a company spokesperson.

Volkswagen did display a van-like concept vehicle, nicknamed “Bulli,” at the Geneva auto show in 2011. The spokesperson said the images being shown online may be based on that platform, though that vehicle was much smaller than the traditional VW van.

For now, though, the company said it has no plans to start building a new microbus.

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